One of our strong points here at Uptodown is the option to download any prior version of any app from our catalogue, something especially useful when the latest update to Twitter doesn’t work on your device or your favorite program has gotten rid of a feature you used all the time. The new version of our official app includes a wizard to take any app back to a prior version.

We’ve talked a lot here about our official app, a tool to install, delete, and update all the installed programs on your device from the huge Uptodown catalogue. Although it’s always been possible to download the prior versions of an app, now the process is much simpler and guided with a wizard that you can access from the drop-down menu from the Rollback option.


When you to go to that section you’ll see a list of all your installed apps alongside the space they take up and the current version number. Clicking on the one you want to rollback to will take you to a message telling you that you need to install the current version first. That done, you’ll go to a submenu for the program with all the prior versions of the app, or at least all the ones you have stored on Uptodown.


Clicking on the version you want will start the download of the APK file; you’ll see the progress bar in your device’s notifications bar. When it finishes the installation window will automatically appear with the standard privacy notices for the app in question. Special mention for the fact that a warning will appear if you want to download a file that you already have stored on the device, as shown in the screenshot below.



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