Here on Uptodown we’ve put together a huge catalogue of Android apps that we store and manage ourselves. So the easier it is to link to our content, the better it is for everyone. To that end, we have created our own WordPress widget that you can use to add info cards and download links to all our apps on your own blog. And best of all, it’s free, open, legal, and doesn’t leave anyone out: Every info card has links to both the APK/XAPK file and the page on Google Play along with other details of interest.

widget Use our widget to link Android apps on your blog

We’ve put together this tutorial on our blog explaining how to install and set up the WordPress plugin, although you can also use it on HTML pages by inserting a short script. You can paste it anywhere into your text and it will be laid out like this:

You don’t need us to remind you for the umpteenth time about all the advantages of downloading APK files from Uptodown, not to mention having access to all of our content, which we create ourselves completely independently of developer influence, with included screenshots, videos, and the tutorials you’ll find on this very blog.

We’re delighted to offer this service to all digital media outlets interested in using our widget. You can also rest assured that you’ll have our full help and support when implementing it.

More information | Uptodown Widget



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