It seems like eventually, there won’t be any MMORPGs left that don’t have an Android adaptation. Just like the successful Lineage 2 Revolution and the more recent Maplestory, Ragnarok Online Mobile is the new remastered mobile version of the successful game that’s currently only available in Korea and Japan. However, it was just announced that it will be coming out with an international version in the third quarter of 2018. 

The 100 million registered users have boosted it in many countries to the top spot in some of the main Asian marketplaces. In this case, on a visual level, it doesn’t have 2D sprites to represent characters in 3D settings, but instead, it uses a completely three-dimensional environment in the more modern style of Ragnarok 2, released in 2002. That said, the customization and social interaction is a factor that’s almost as important as completing the missions themselves.

The studio Gravity already has a lot of experience in licencing its products and releasing spin-offs for mobile platforms. Ragnarok: Spear of Odin is an isometric hack and slash set in the same universe, Ragnarok Rush offers turn-based combats in the same style as freemium RPGs on the platform, while Ragnarok Classic went back to the roots of the original title for PC on a visual level.


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