Accustomed as we are to using social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr that are obsessed with all things visual, Pinterest has always been a rara avis in terms of the comparative services it offers. While other social networks are constantly developing new social functions, Pinterest is focusing on stoking the power of its content. And its latest announcement is another step in that direction: the Like button is going to disappear from Pinterest.


While just a few days ago we were talking here about how Instagram was snatching ideas from Pinterest, the response of the platform was to distance itself even further from the most popular social networks. The disappearance of the Like button is not quite as traumatic as it might seem since Pinterest already has a similar option to save content you love. The truth is that I’ve never understood the function of Likes on Pinterest so I think it’s great news that they’re simplifying the options, especially when the two features are so similar.

Pinterest users who churn through Likes like nobody’s business don’t have to worry about losing their marked content, as the platform will create a new private panel where all those Like will get stored indefinitely. It’s up to you if you want to transfer all those pins to your Saved Pins folder or just leave them in that hidden folder.


It’s possible that Pinterest doesn’t get as much public love as the other big social networks, but nor do we think that it really needs it. It remains a super popular platform and thanks to this retrenchment from social features it’s sure to attract a good number of people who are tired of the stressful dynamics of constantly looking for Likes and other paraphernalia. Over the next weeks the Like button will disappear entirely so soon we’ll be able to enjoy Pinterest without it.

More info | Pinterest Blog

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  1. Ive failed to download pinterest app on my sumsung gt n8000 note 10.1. I had it before then it asked for an update which I tried but it failed and later decided to unistall thinking it would install right back but in a newer version. All my efforts have been in vain.


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