In March 2014 we announced that OneNote, the versatile note-taking tool that can sync across different devices, was released for free, at least in its basic version, with certain features relegated to the paid version. Now, Microsoft has announced that these advanced features (such as password management or access to versions) can also be used by all users.

On the official Office blog, Microsoft has listed the different features released for general use on the desktop version as well as the webapp and mobile app:

  • Password-management system so you can add a password to certain parts of your list of private and shared notes.
  • Access to the history of changes for a note so you can see it in its different versions over a long period of time.
  • Video and audio recording and timeline notetaking to access key moments.
  • Voice and text searches.
  • Inserting embedded Office files directly from the notes window on the desktop version of OneNote.

onenote multiplatform


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