Supercell is determined to keep Clash Royale fresh on everyone’s minds – and to do it they introduce a new card every two weeks. This time its the turn of the Goblin Gang, a new card that costs 3 Elixir and aims to incentivize quick decks. Will it manage that?

Clash Royale

Goblin Gang?

This new card does justice to its name and upon use it summons 6 Goblins: three Spear Goblins and three normal ones. Basically it’s a combo of two different cards (Goblins and Spear Goblins) but reduces the overall cost by one as each would cost 2 Elixir.

You have to be in Arena 9 to be able to get this card and count as basic, so you’ll have to level it up quite a lot to send out your Goblins in a blast. Don’t forget that, although they come in a gang, they’re still weak and generally end up dead with a simple Electric bolt.

What cards should you use it with? How can you resist it?

The Goblin Gang works great in quick decks where the cost of your cards isn’t too high to go around liberally dropping your minions. It can also be a good substitute for classic cards like Goblins of any kind (though that extra Elixir hurts a bit) or the eternal Skeleton Army. Another way to use this card is to lay it down after the tank, as is usually done with the cards mentioned above. The good thing in this case is that the Goblins attack land troops and air troops (the ones that have spears).

Clash Royale

That said, do take care with the good number of cards that can bring down your little green army. Any defensive spell will instantly get rid of them, though with the ubiquitous Zap you’ll have to compare the level of both cards. Then you have to worry about units like the Wizard, the Valkyrie, or the Electric Wizard, which are probably the biggest threats to your poor Goblins.

Though perhaps it’s still a bit soon to know if this card will be used by tons of decks, we at least know that they can be used to fend off powerful cards like the Cemetery, the Miner, the new Battle Ram, or the Elite Barbarians. 

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