Bohemia Interactive forged its reputation mainly with its realistic military action saga ARMA, which hit new heights of fame thanks to the amateur mod DAYZ. Later on this mod would get absorbed by the company itself and is currently under development. In the meantime the studio has made certain overtures to the mobile market with, for example, its Arma Mobile Ops and now Mini DAYZa 2D adaptation of the game that includes the vast majority of the features from the original. Plus it’s 100% free and has no in-app purchases of any kind.

dayz screenshot 2 Mini DAYZ is a mini version for Android of the PC mega-hit

For practical purposes we’re looking at an open world game where you have to survive as long as possible in a hostile environment populated by zombies and other gamers who’ll do anything they can to survive, including murder you for the equipment you’ve collected. Beyond all that, you’ve got to eat and drink a lot, and make use of all the objects you find along the way.

You can control the game with either a virtual stick or by tapping specific spots on the screen, so you can easily carry out most of the same actions as in the original game, whether it’s managing your inventory and objects, crafting materials, interacting with other players (using a clever emoji system that appears on your PJ), or managing the upgrades you can get as you earn experience points.

dayz screenshot 3 Mini DAYZ is a mini version for Android of the PC mega-hit

The game is available both for Android and in an exclusive version for browsers. The sole differences between them are that the “real” online multiplayer mode and the option to drive vehicles are only available online. Otherwise we’re looking at an interesting game with the value added of being created by the original studio that developed the game it’s based on. Plus it’s completely free of micropayments or any kind of monetization systemInstall it and enjoy.

More info | Mini DAYZ official site


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