MediaFire, one of the most popular cloud storage services, has just launched its app for Android, from which you can conveniently manage your cloud files from your smartphone or tablet.

mediandroid cabecera MediaFire mobile cloud storage is now available for Android

After Megaupload was taken down about one year ago, the rest of the direct download servers began to fear for their lives. But, a fight also began for obtaining the throne that had been left empty after the FBI arrested Kim Dotcom. MediaFire was one of those whose popularity skyrocketed, especially because of the ability to do download several files simultaneously, even if you were a Free user.

With its new app, you are given 50GB of storage space just by creating a free account, allowing you to sync your photos and video automatically, create folders, and even search for files from the search features and download them to your device. This makes it more than just a popular download manager, but also a magnificent option for cloud storage space accessible from your smartphone.

mediandroid capturas MediaFire mobile cloud storage is now available for Android

It’s interesting that all this happened just days before the launch of Mega, which Kim Dotcom has confirmed will give free users 50GB of storage, too, and up to six simultaneous downloads. In either case, as always, healthy competition always benefits the consumer, so we’ll have to pay close attention to the battle that has begun between the two services.

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