Material Design, the new interface for Google’s mobile operating system, has now arrived. So any Android user with version 4.0 or higher can now begin trying out this redesign with Google Play Games and Google Play Movies, in general maybe two of the least-used official apps from Google. In other words, it’s now possible to view your player ranking, buy films to stream, or have a look at the latest film trailers from the snazzy new Material Design interface.

The changes to Google Play Games and Google Play Movies are very subtle. The jump from Holo to Material Design has been moderate and painless, and the only thing that turns out to be mildly attention-grabbing is the new upper toolbar with its corresponding drop-down menu, which uses more intense colors.

captura Material Design comes to Google Play Games and Play Movies

These new versions of Google Play Games and Google Play Movies are still not available for all users, but they can now be downloaded and installed from Uptodown. But unlike the Material Design update to Google Search, neither of these two present problems or incompatibilities with versions of Android later than 5.0, so they can be downloaded with no worries.



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