It’s quite clear that a good interface is fundamental to getting avid gamers hooked on a particular platform, as Xbox Live and Playstation Network are there to attest. Google attempted to win such gamers a year ago when it launched Google Play Games, a service that aimed to unify the entire Android gaming experience in an app where you can manage your achievements, launch installed games, and check your friends’ scores.  Now version 2.0 of the service has been launched with new features along the same lines.

The initial idea goes far beyond Google Play and Android systems, given that, for a start, Play Games for iOS was also launched four months ago. In fact, any app can use the Google Play Services API to add achievement and multiplayer game support with real-time connections. To these features are added new usage statistics, a system of levels, and a sort of menu with pending “missions”.

Now you’ll have a level that is set based on the amount of time you’ve played and the achievements you’ve unlocked in each game, a tag that will give you benefits beyond being able to crow at beating your friends. The XP earned can be viewed broken down into the different genres of the titles you’ve played.

google play games update 1 New features in Google Play Games with its 2.0 version

From the left drop-down menu you can now access an inbox divided into three tabs: game invitations from your friends, gifts, and game requests as well as your pending missions for certain titles. All this, together with a notifications system that you can add to Play Services, aims to create gamer dependency with all these interlinked features.



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