In other blog posts we’ve talked about the many different instant messaging apps available for smartphones – everything from WhatsApp, the leader in the sector, to LINE, an interesting Japanese alternative that has similar characteristics, and which is rapidly gaining ground throughout the world. In fact, its creators have just announced that the service has reached 100 million users.

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While many users have just discovered Whatsapp and consider it to be a great application, the more experienced user considers it to be outdated and lacking in options, many of which are found in LINE, an exciting alternative with unique functionality.

The 100 million users that it has attracted in just the year and a half since it was first released shows how popular it really is. And here the expression “100 million and counting” really means something, as LINE registers an average of 3 million new users each week.

On the other hand, without counting official data, it is estimated that WhatsApp has approximately between 200 and 300 million users, but with the exception that it has been on the market since 2009. The numbers speak for themselves.

This is the video where LINE creators and developers celebrate for having reached the 100 million-user milestone in so short of time.

LINE is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and offers superior features and performance than its closest competitor. Proof of this is that LINE recently added an antivirus for Android to its list of products, which scans apps that are already installed on the smartphone, in addition to apps in queue for download. It also does a general scan of all the files stored on the device to locate any kind of malware hiding in the system, and then immediately notifies the user when it detects a security threat.

Whatsapp doesn’t offer antivirus, funny emoticons, its own voice call feature, nor many other things that LINE offers.

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It seems that WhatsApp creators simply came up with a great product that didn’t already exist on the market, people tried it out, realized it is very useful, and then began using it on a mass scale. But then another actor appeared on the stage, and improved the product even more, and turned it into something even better, without losing the essence of the idea. And it is really creating some fierce competition.

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Download LINE Antivirus from Google Play



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