Genshin Impact continues to grow— the huge HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo) RPG continues to be updated every few years, adding new characters, quests, gameplays, and map areas. Each new version renews our desire to continue exploring Teyvat— its beautiful fantastic open world— something for which it will be essential to have a good level of Adventure Rank.

The Adventure Rank is a level that indicates your overall progress in the game. It is not associated with any specific character but measures the overall experience of your account. It is essential to have a good level to get new features, unlock new missions and access certain rewards, so here are seven key tips to quickly level up your Adventure Rank.

Follow the main story missions

It may seem obvious advice, but Genshin Impact has so many possibilities that you can sometimes overlook the easiest way to level up— doing the main story missions. The Archon Quests are intended to reward you with a series of basic points to take your character to a certain level, so do not forget to perform these tasks.

Screenshot of a main mission of Genshin Impact. Large blue creature and female character in a forest landscape

Login at least once a day to Genshin Impact

You may not want to play Genshin Impact every day, but if you want to gain experience fast, one of the best things you can do is to open the app daily to get the rewards offered just for logging in. These rewards can be of many types, including experience bonuses that help you level up.

Unlock achievements (and claim the rewards)

As in many other role-playing games, Genshin Impact’s achievements not only challenge you to perform a series of actions but also reward you for them. Many players forget to go through the menu to check what achievements there are, what prizes are awarded, and what rewards can be redeemed, so on many occasions, they find in that section an experience deposit that they had not gone to claim.

Genshin Impact Achievements menu

Complete all four daily commissions

Another very useful daily routine for leveling up in Genshin Impact is to complete the commissions in the Adventurer Handbook. However, to unlock them, you will have to reach rank 12, so you won’t be able to do them from the beginning. Once you access them, you can make four daily commissions that will grant you prizes, points, and rewards. In the same Handbook, you will be able to obtain Investigations that will also give you experience points for completing them.

Find the Statues of the Seven and level them up

The Statues of the Seven are a fundamental element in Genshin Impact— they reveal parts of the map, allow you to change elemental talents, heal, revive allies, and, above all, are very useful teleportation points for fast travel. In addition, the statues have their own levels that you will be able to increase— in each level increase, they will give you prizes, which can be Primogems, badges, or experience points to increase the Adventure Rank, so do not leave aside these important monoliths.

First Statue of the Seven of Genshin Impact

Below you will find the regions where the Statues of the Seven are located:

  • Mondstadt: 4 statues
  • Liyue: 5 statues
  • Dragonspine: 1 statue
  • Inazuma: 3 statues

Search Treasure Chests and Challenge Chests

In Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact, many chests are scattered around. Within them, you can find prizes that will help you to increase your Adventure Rank level. On the one hand, you have the Treasure Chests, which are simply opened after finding them in the setting. On the other hand, there are the Challenge Chests, which also ask you to perform different challenges such as lighting torches or defeating a series of enemies.

A female character in the middle of a forest landscape contemplating the world of Genshin Impact

Don’t forget to kill bosses and complete domains

Finally, we are going to give you a basic tip that you may have overlooked— there is no faster way to get experience points than by killing bosses that you see in the seven regions of Teyvat. They are more or less difficult confrontations that require Original Resin, but they are completely worth it. Likewise, it is highly recommended that you complete domains whenever you can, as it is also a very successful way to level up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact.