Inspiration is a near-magical thing that can come from 1,001 different sources. Or, well, not for everybody, apparently: lately it seems like Instagram gets most of its ideas from the same place. Geostickers have come to Instagram Stories, another great addition that first came out in – you guessed it! – Snapchat.

Instagram Geostickers

We’ve been relating the tale of Instagram and Snapchat since Stories arrived to the former, and today there’s a new chapter. Geostickers were one of the most interesting additions added by Snapchat and they came out at the same time Instagram announced its Stories. These are location-based stickers that offer a very cool way to show off the city or neighborhood you’re in. It’s a sure thing that Instagram will squeeze every drop out of these stickers’ popularity given its huge user community.

At the moment this addition is available exclusively in New York and Jakarta, but we’re sure to see it soon in other places around the world. They only work in Instagram Stories and you use them just like any other sticker: you can change the size, rotate, and stick them wherever you want. Plus they appear at the top of the sticker list so you can’t miss ’em.

Instagram Geostickers

We’re not going to get into the discussion here about the ethics of copying features, but one thing is obvious: Instagram is doing better than ever with its new features, while Snapchat is starting to show the knocks it’s been taking from the competition. We’ll have to wait and see if Instagram continues to be “inspired” by the famous app from Snap. What’s clear is that geostickers seem to be the next big thing.

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