The old Google Tasks was partially abandoned by the company in the form of a secondary feature, tucked away in the Gmail web client. The tool, centered around the creation of to-do lists, seemed like it would be replaced by Keep. However, it appears that that’s not how things worked out: Google just released an official and independent Tasks app for Android, and also gave more importance to the imminent redesign that’s coming for the email client.

google tasks featured Google Tasks finally has an official app for Android

The app includes the same features as the existing service. That is, the creation of lists with the possibility to organize subtasks, deadlines connected with your calendar, and the option to see a list of completed tasks. In reality it’s no more than an adaptation of the web service brought to Android devices that wasn’t available in the oficial Gmail app for smartphones. A nuisance that’s important in itself and that added to the existence of Google Keep…meaning that the average user doesn’t really understand how the synchronization of Google services works. And let’s not even mention the prehistoric web tool.

google tasks screenshot 1 Google Tasks finally has an official app for Android

What sense does it make that only the web version of Gmail on both mobile and desktops offer Tasks, but the official native app doesn’t? Can we sync our Keep lists with the ones in Tasks? Does Google understand that they always complicate things that should just be simple and transparent for the average user? All good questions that we should add to one of our many lists.

Google Tasks for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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