Recently, the guys at Mountain View introduced a new service, adding to the dozens that Google already offers, even after having been scrutinized recently for getting rid of such important and long-standing services such as Google Reader. Google Keep is an app for managing notes and various types of multimedia, available on both its application for smartphones and tablets, and Google Drive.

Google Keep cabecera

It works as a way to store content that you need to remember with various different tags. You can add simple text notes, checklists, related images, or audio notnotes. All these reminders can also be tagged with different colors and organized in whatever order you want on your notifications timeline. Also, it comes with a search button so you can browse through your notes, and also features an option to share the content with others.

Although it is an app made by Google for managing your notes, it is still missing lots of features. Currently, and surprisingly enough, the desktop version is integrated into Google Drive, and can only be access by entering a URL “by hand” ( instead of seeing a link to Keep somewhere on the website. Also, it doesn’t have a real interaction with your browser or the documents saved locally on your computer, as apps such as Evernote do, so you have to enter the information on your own.

Captura Google Keep

The mobile version is available on Google Play for Android devices, while other devices have been given the option to use a web version that can be accessed from the browser, which is as completely functional as its sister app. In fact, it’s practically exactly the same as the desktop version, except that it supports touch screens.

It makes it seems as though it was somewhat of a rushed launch because it doesn’t fully integrate with all the other many services that Google offers. With later versions we assume that these shortcomings will progressively be corrected, or at least that’s what fans are expecting from the those at Mountain View, which has been a bit in the doldrums lately.

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