What was anticipated to be Google’s newest signature communication service has reached version 5.0Google Allo is moving slow and steady in its attempt to be the user-preferred IM app, though this mission is not going quite as well as they’d hoped. Will its new features be enough to win us over?

Google Allo

Allo 5.0 still hasn’t officially launched, but you can get it here on Uptodown already. Changing the main version number usually entails a series of revamps big enough to justify that jump. But in this case the Google Allo update leaves us a bit, well, unimpressed with its scanty novelties: the rollout of integrated Google Chrome tabs inside the app and … that’s it.

This sole new feature comes up a bit short. We’re not going to complain about any good thing added to any app, obviously, but we tend to expect a bit more from Google. And in this particular case one might say that it’s not enough. Though this integration with Chrome does mean you won’t have to be opening other apps, with their corresponding resource consumption on your phone and that’s always a welcome development, of course. Once you’re inside any link you just have to tap the back button to return to your chat.

Google Allo

The new version of Google Allo seems a bit lackluster, though Android Police has discovered a potential novelty that comes implemented in the code and we assume should roll out at any time: the creation of sticker packs made with your selfies. We don’t know when this will come out but we’re waiting for the official rollout of the update by Google. Meanwhile, you can download the APK with version 5.0 here on Uptodown.

Google Allo for Android on Uptodown [APK] | [Download]


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