Google has thrown itself into the free fall spiral that is competing with WhatsApp to dominate the instant-messaging service field. Google Allo is clearly their newest response, arriving with the intention to unify chat communication and leave Hangouts in the dust once and for all. The app–which isn’t out yet on Google Play–is now available for download from Uptodown and can be freely used without restrictions.

google allo featured Google Allo–the coming of the instant-messaging messiah


It’s jarringly clear that Google has learned from its mistakes in the past this time presenting users with an extremely simple tool that offers few features, focusing on getting the job done right. No video calling, or additional extras, that’s what Duo is for. Google Allo is designed for getting in touch with your contacts quickly and efficiently. No more, no less. When you receive a message, several automated responses to choose from appear, so you won’t even have to type them out.

Its chat services are extremely simple. You’ll be able to talk, send images, videos, stickers and your location. Chats can be private or in groups. You’ll also be able to open up private chat boxes with an expiration date.


More than just these features, Allo comes with a bot assistant integrated into the rest of your contacts. Interacting with your assistant is much like an actual chat conversation, although you’ll always have automated responses available to speed things up. The list of new features is endless, and we’re nowhere near the bottom. For example, if you ask your bot assistant about weather in your city, it’ll offer you weather forecasts for today, tomorrow or the rest of the week. After receiving this info, it’ll also suggest sending you weather updates periodically via chat, not to mention that it’ll also warn you anytime it’s about to rain.


In order to chat on Google Allo, you’ll need to install the app. Android Nougat users receive their messages directly to within a notifications bar meaning that the latest version of Google’s new operating system is already integrated with Allo. In terms of usability, it’s capable of running on any Android 4.1 (or higher) system fairly fluidly and occupies a mere 43MB from installation to additionally generated system data.  With all these credentials and features, all Google really needs is users, which is likely to take place quickly thanks to its automated integration into their devices (Pixel smartphones). Time will tell if WhatsApp eventually gets knocked off the pedestal of instant-messaging greatness.



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