The last Sunday in February marks the annual gala for the world’s most famous film awards. By the time you read this we’ll all know whether La La Land has raked in all the golden statuettes or if Isabelle Huppert has won Best Actress (we hope so!), but in the meantime we’ve compiled this list of a few free Android apps to help you bask in the Oscar glow. Hope you’ve stocked up on the popcorn!

Oscars Android Cine

Check out all the nominees

Getting info about the entire cast of a film is a super simple task thanks to the Herculean effort made by sites like IMDb, Filmaffinity, and Letterboxd. These movie databases are essential tools for finding out details on the technical specs, actors, country of origin, and year of release for the titles they include. Plus all these sites have ratings systems to show how a movie fares amongst the site’s user community, plus individual film critics.

I’ve picked three sites here because they have differences between them that might make you prefer one in particular:

  • IMDb is the biggest of all of them and the one with the most details about technical and artistic specs. [Website] [Download APK]
  • Filmaffinity probably has the closest to the average movie ratings of the three sites, so it’s a great option for finding out the more or less detailed opinions of a ton of people. [Website]
  • Letterboxd is unquestionably the option with the best design. The others don’t compare in terms of aesthetics, and its system of lists is one of its most popular features. [Website]

Android Oscars

Enjoy some good cinema

Finding out info about movies is great, but even better is being able to enjoy watching them. Though most of the Oscar nominees haven’t come out in digital format, you can still enjoy tons of quality cinema plus Oscar winners from previous years in the different video streaming apps. That said, you have to register on all of these apps and pay a subscription if you want to get the most out of the services. (If you don’t fancy taking out your wallet, we leave you with this selection of Android apps and websites to legally watch movies online.)

  • Wuaki has a great bag of movies for all audiences and is one of the first streaming sites to get the new releases. [Website] [Download APK]
  • Filmin is the best option for watching quality films from outside the Hollywood circuit. A great choice for people who want to find proper gems from the Seventh Art. [Website] [Download APK]
  • Mubi is a special sort of streaming service where you can enjoy 30 different movies that rotate every month. A very cool alternative for discovering different movies. [Website] [Download APK]
  • Netflix is known worldwide for its extensive catalogue of series, but it’s also got a great selection of films for all audiences. [Website] [Download APK]
  • Amazon Prime Video has tons of film classics that everybody should watch at some point. Though its original shows are its greatest asset, the movies on this platform don’t lag behind in terms of quality. [Website] [Download APK]

Android Oscars

Have fun learning more about the art of film

If you still can’t contain your eagerness to find cinematic content, nothing better than a good session of movie trivia from one of the different games in our huge Android catalogue. These apps offer a cool way to learn more about cinema and have a little fun, too.

  • Movie Quiz is a fun game where you have to guess movie titles from their posters. A proper trial by fire for movie buffs. [Download APK]
  • Guess the Movie is a fun trivia game divided into five categories all related to the Big Screen. [Download APK]

Android Oscars


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