Selecting which film to watch can be a ridiculously complicated task – and even more so now that video on demand and a la carte TV are so ubiquitous. With so much to choose from and with how diverse movie genres have gotten, finding the exact movie you feel like watching is not as easy as it looks. That’s why sites like What is my movie? are something like the movie buff’s holy grail: it recommends movies based on film keywords.

recomendaciones cine

The way “What is my movie?” works is super simple: it recommends movies related to a keyword you type in the browser. Google does this, too, if you’re looking for films on a specific subject, but “What is my movie?” aims to go even further. Its instructions for use recommend that you write short synopses, specific phrases that remind you of a movie, or random themes if you want to get the best recommendations. Let’s start you off with a few examples: horror classics or science fiction movies with space battles and laser guns. Get as specific as you want to get better or worse results.

Each search gives an interesting list and each of the entries includes that movie’s rating and reviews from Metacritic, plus a link to view it on a subscription streaming service. Plus if you like one of the films that appears you can get new recommendations related to that title, too. Can’t ever go overboard with features like this.

recomendaciones cine

If you like cinema and want a chance to discover new films, there are Android apps that provide tons of info about the Seventh Art. The IMDb app is brilliant and lets you save movies on a to-watch list. Or you can turn to various apps that directly offer recommendations or let you legally watch free movies.

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More info | What is my movie?


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