It’s clear enough who the Mambo Kings are when it comes to browsing on Android. Just take a quick look at the most downloaded smartphone browsers on Uptodown to check. What many don’t know is that loads of other alternatives are out there, even beyond all the specialist browsers available. Here we recommend a few: Pyrope Browser, Slimperience, Atlas Web, Flyperlink, and Ghostery. 



We’ve talked about this one before. A browser that takes up just 3MB can be a lifesaver for any smartphone user whose device is tight on space. Add this to a useful quick panel and bits and bobs like an AdBlocker with a matching whitelist, an incognito mode, and a reading mode that hides the interface and you get an interesting alternative that’s also not a zillionth option based on Chromium. [Download]

slimperience screenshot 1 Five alternative browsers for Android

Pyrope Browser

A CyanogenMod-based browser, eh? That’s nothing. Besides the fact that it should be familiar due to its Chromium interface, it includes a string of features that make it one of the most complete option options on this list: incognito mode, battery saving, nocturnal mode, immersive mode, background audio playback, moving forward and backward while browsing using the screen borders, and other equally useful bits and bobs. [Download]


Atlas Web Browser

Atlas is, above all, functional. It gets right to the point, as seen by the fact that when you open the browser the first thing you see is your list of bookmarks. Here the idea is to browse with no distractions through the places you visit most. With a horizontal swipe you pass from your favorites to the webview, while on the rest you have your equally intuitive control panel. Free of charge and ad-free, although the paid version includes alluring features like a double pageview when you put the screen in vertical mode. [Download]



Floating bubbles are all the rage for chat apps, but they’re hardly out of place for use with webpages as well. Flyperlink lets you scatter bubbles around your home screen for your open webpages, and flick the icons around to wherever you want them. [Download]


Ghostery Privacy Browser

The appeal of Ghostery lies down the path of privacy and anonymity while browsing. It usees the Tor browser to function and adds its own ad-blocker with a whitelist, a detector of tracking services, and default search engines like DuckDuckGo, this alternative is ideal for those who use tin foil hats and have all seasons of The X-Files on DVD. [Download]



  1. […] is sort of clear that the kings of the mambo are on the subject of navigating in Android. Simply take a fast take a look at the browsers most downloaded smartphone Uptodown to pick. What many have no idea is that loads of different options are on the market, even past all browsers obtainable specialised. Right here just some: Browser Pyrope Slimperience, Atlas Net, Flyperlink, and Ghostery. Read more […]


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