Google Chrome may be the most-used browser on Android, but it’s by far not the best you can do in terms of speed and resource use. Between the app and the cache it generates, Chrome can eat up some 150MB on your device. Slimperience has little to envy Chrome in terms of functionalities, with the benefit that it takes up just 3MB. Its APK hovers around 300KB. In fact, the browser even includes interesting features like an AdBlocker and a high level of customization.


In terms of browsing, Slimperience gets the job done, allowing for smooth transitions between pages and tabs thanks to its floating buttons and top bar. Both sidebars are rife with options: the AdBlocker mentioned above, for instance, with its matching whitelist; the incognito mode; the clear browsing mode that hides the button panels; and the customization of the rendering system. But if you dig into the setup menu, the number of changes you can make to the features – to the browser’s UI itself, the way pages are displayed, and even the way memory is managed – is even more surprising.

We ran some checks from the app’s info menu, and in fact Slimperience comes out looking super-skinny. The total space occupied after installation is 3MB exactly, and the cache doesn’t top 200KB after we spend some time browsing. So we hereby give the app our green light in terms of its usefulness on devices with low levels of memory.



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