If there’s an app out there adding on new features up the yin yang—it’s Facebook Messenger. Not long ago, we took a look at the new Instant Games feature, and we’re back at it again with news on improvments that’ll certainly turn some heads. New in-app camera functionalities include filters, masks and bells and whistles to add onto your photos. Now, that doesn’t sound familiar at all, does it? <<wink>>

Facebook Messenger

The release of  “Messenger Camera” was specifically slated with the start of the holidays and dishes out festive filters for your photos right at a time when mirth and its subsequent drunk texting come to their annual high.

The newest add-on allow for taking pictures and capturing videos and stich on thousands of new effects, just like on Snapchat. The real reason for driving these new features into place is quite clear, but imitation is the greatest form of compliment, right? Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world, and these new features will probably make it even more popular. The huge number of stickers and frames is bigger than ever, and the creators behind them took into account the need to spread cheer. I’m not 100% sure about the overall quality of mask filters, but I did have a chance to sample some of the stickers as is shown in this video, and Facebook is clearly giving Snapchat a good run for their money.

Facebook Messenger

Not everyone has instant access to these new features, which are scheduled to premiere little by little among users. But, that means that randomly when you least expect it you’ll be able to try out all these cool new effects. When they arrive to your account, you’ll be able to tell because a new icon shows up in the lower middle part of your screen that lets you access from your in-app camera button.

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