At last, what we’ve all be waiting for has arrived: Facebook’s app has been updated for Android and iOS devices, which now comes faster and with performance improvements. When it comes to Android, the standard HTML 5 has been put aside, and they have gone with a native app, and everything that goes along with it. Things were a little different with the iOS app–-in addition to be faster, improvements have been made so now you can select in which album on your Timeline you want to publish the photos you take from your device.

Facebook Android actualizacion cabecera Facebook’s new app is now available for Android and iOS

The problem began a while ago when a large majority of users began using Facebook from their smartphones. However, no one ever really liked the app because it was slow, and it often experienced issues when viewing images. These problems often led to people opting for third-party applications, such as Fast Facebook, instead of the official one.

Given the situation, and what everyone thought about the app, which wasn’t doing well for the company because it wasn’t driving considerable income, a change in course was imminent. So, Facebook launched version 2.0 for Android and updated its iOS app to version 5.3.

In Android’s case, the social network has promised that the app is twice as fast (I can personally attest to this), browsing through others’ Timelines is easier, and viewing photos has improved. Now, photos open up with just one touch of the screen, and its easier to click “Like.”

Facebook iOS actualizacion Facebook’s new app is now available for Android and iOS

For the Android version, Facebook has abandoned HTML5, which many developers consider to be the platform of the future, and which has replaced Adobe Flash in many areas, but apparently it isn’t ready to be used on these types of applications.

A couple months ago, Mark Zuckerberg himself spoke about how it was a mistake to begin programming their mobile apps in HTML5, a mistake that has cost Facebook two years of work, he said. These strong statements from Facebook’s CEO were the first hint that the company would go for native applications in its future versions for mobile platforms.

In regards to iOS, Facebook has released version 5.3 of the app. This version is faster, has improved the news feed, and now you can publish your photos directly in the album of your choosing, keeping them from all going to your “Mobile Uploads” album by default. Don’t forget that this last August, iOS received an update in which the standard HTML5 was abandoned, and the native code was adopted, which made it much faster and more stable.

Some say that Facebook favors Apple in its mobile apps, but the amount of Android devices, Google’ OS, made this update impossible to avoid–-at least to bring some level of equality to the two mobile operating systems.

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