Up until now, when you updated your Facebook status, shared a video, or commented on someone’s wall, you had to pay close attention to not make a mistake, and think a lot about what you wanted to say to your friends before clicking the “Post” button because, if you made an error, you had to delete the post and write it over again. If this happened to you a lot, you probably were wishing there were an “Edit” option. Well, Facebook has begun to allow users to edit their updates on their wall after after posting them.

facebook comentarios

Last summer, Facebook integrated the ability to edit comments that you left on your updates, or on those of your friends. Now, it seems as though they have listened to their users’ requests and are planning on including the ability to edit everything you post on your wall.

The ability to edit wall posts is something that all Facebook users have wanted at one time or another, and as Facebook confirmed on the website AllFacebook, it will start testing the feature that will allow users to edit wall posts.

For now, this option is still in its testing phase, and is limited to certain users. There aren’t any details about when it will be implemented worldwide, so we’ll just have to keep deleting the posts we mess up on, and be careful with our updates, especially if you manage an official account or group page.

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