The use of desktop computers is increasingly on the decline for certain day-to-day tasks. As, for instance, you usually take photos and videos with your smartphone, it makes sense to use the same device to upload them to social networks. Facebook is aware of this, and thus in its latest update for Android and iOS has improved the bulk-upload system for images, allowing you to organize and tag them individually.

This new system aims to catalogue your photos in the form of ‘stories’ and not merely as a hodgepodge of albums. When you click on the image upload icon you can select snapshots from your phone’s gallery and mark each sequentially, shuffling as needed and thus customizing the order in which they’ll be viewed. Effectively it’s like you’re telling a story.


As you select the photos, you can tag your friends as desired or add small captions to each. This method will make is so the photo story appears in your timeline as a single event, which is more practical for both you as the user when searching for an event among all your uploaded photos (having given them intelligent tags, obviously) and for your friends when they’re viewing your wall.


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