Everything related to the recent election in the US has made tons of people question their confidence in FacebookThe fight against “fake” news is one of the latest objectives of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. After making several changes to its algorithms, it’s back with a new update that aims to fight the plague of fake news.

Facebook algoritmo

Facebook has announced two new upgrades to its algorithm to attempt to combat this problematic content: the inclusion of new markers to identify and classify real content in the best way possible, and a new way to predict and distinguish which messages are relevant to the user in real time.

For that reason, they’ve categorized pages in order to identify ones that continuously spew spam or beg for interactions. What they’re trying to do is train the new algorithm to identify pages that create more authentic and relevant content. As one of these markers, they give the example of a post being hidden by tons of users.

Facebook algoritmo

Facebook wants users to see content based on their likes without quality and/or viral posts getting hidden by fake news. It’s clear that it’s a new step forward by Facebook to improve the user experience, which they continually say they’re doing with these progressive tweaks to their algorithm but have yet to be proven to work. Its statement says that most pages won’t see significant changes, but they continue to insist that the key is to create relevant content for all audiences. We hope these changes genuinely make a difference.

More info | Facebook Newsroom

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