Apps that improve the useful life of our Android are always received with open arms, and that’s why Messenger Lite, the skinny version of Facebook’s chat app, is one of our new faves. The app has received lots of novelties with this update, and they’re sure to make a lot of people who complained about earlier versions happy.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Voice messages and sticker searches

The first thing that excited us about this update is the new voice messaging feature. Almost all chat apps have now included this and Messenger Lite is much better for it. To send voice messages just tap the microphone button and then hold down the red button in the middle as you record your message.

People who like using stickers also have reasons to be happy here: the app now has a sticker search tool so you don’t have to download full packs to use just one. Just search a keyword and you’ll find tons of related stickers. Or you can just browse sticker packs if you’re not looking for anything in particular.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Multiple accounts and connection status

This update has another set of changes to keep in mind. Now you can use multiple accounts in the app and easily swap between them as needed. Plus it’s come with one of the most-requested features in instant messaging apps: you can show or hide your connection status. This option was already available in the normal Messenger app and Facebook and it makes this Lite version even better.

Facebook Messenger Lite

If you still haven’t decided to make the switch to Messenger Lite, check out our comparison with the Messenger app to clear up any doubts.

Messenger Lite for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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