Facebook has been rolling out continuous novelties on Messenger in recent months. The arrival of Instant Games to the app was a big step forward in an attempt to dominate the chat app market, as was also the appearance of Snapchat-esque filters. The importance of Messenger is enormous and the Redmond company certainly wasn’t going to let an opportunity pass to squeeze a bit of profit out of it – which is why soon we’ll start seeing ads on Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger ads feature Facebook to incorporate ads into Messenger

Facebook has been testing the incorporation of ads into the app in Thailand and Australia, and apparently the tests went well. They’ve just announced that ads will soon roll out around the globe. They will appear on the app’s home screen, right underneath your recent chats. As seen in the screenshots, they’ll be occupying an important spot on the screen.

If they’ve made anything clear at Facebook it’s that there will be no ads in your chats. Nor will you get any private messages from businesses (unless you’ve started a chat with one yourself before, obviously). They don’t make clear, however, whether the ads you get will be from businesses you’ve interacted with in the past. They have stated that users can hide specific ads, as you can already do in the Facebook app. Obviously another app will simply appear to fill that hole.

Facebook Messenger publicidad

This isn’t the only new thing to come to Facebook: an Instagram Stories-style feature will also arrive soon to the official app. That means you’ll have yet another option for Snapchat-esque media creations. Though we still don’t know many details about this features, one thing is clear: Mark Zuckerberg’s company is in constant motion.

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