The Elder Scrolls Legends is a trading card game with the setting from the popular RPG saga that Bethesda released months ago. While the Android version won’t see its official release at the international level until July, the APK is already out and can be downloaded and played with no geographical restrictions from Uptodown. In the Bethesda conference held during the E3 this week they confirmed that the first big expansion of the game will be focused on Skyrim.

tes legends screenshot 1 [E3 2017] The Elder Scrolls Legends set to add Skyrim cards

“Heroes of Skyrim” brings new content to the game in the form of cards themed with the latest title from the legendary saga, which is all the rage again thanks to the next port to be released on Nintendo Switch. The set includes 150 cards inspired by popular Skyrim elements like shouts and dragons.

Heroes of Skyrim comes to The Elder Scrolls Legends on June 29.

More info | Bethesda Official site


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