The trading card game set in The Elder Scrolls universe has finally appeared on Android after debuting on both Windows and iOS devices (the Mac OS one is on the way). In practical terms, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is simply the umpteenth clone of Hearthstone in terms of its game system and interface, but not by a long shot does that means it’s not great. In fact such a popular formula in such an evocative setting has all the credentials needed for this game to really take off among TCG fans.

tes legends screenshot 1 The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now out on Android

The bulk of the experience is made up of 1vs1 faceoffs against other players or the AI, and to win you’ve got to reduce your rival’s life level by laying down cards from your deck. The last thing you dear readers probably need is an explanation of how a trading card game works, so we’ll focus here on the differences with respect to the game from Blizzard. The two most important bits are: 1) the fact that there are two different areas to lay down your cards that limit your radius of action to certain moves against your rival, and 2) the existence of a set of runes that you’ll lose as you get attacked and that let you automatically rob a card, thereby aiming to balance the rounds by conceding certain advantages to the person who’s losing.

In terms of the game modes, besides the standard matchmaking against other players and the battle arena (very similar to the one in Hearthstone), there’s a guided story mode that makes you fight against special characters to unlock new cards. That said, the relationship to the card and the type that appears will in large part be influenced by the card you’ve selected during the game registration process: Bretons, Red Guards, Khajits, and other races that populate Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends still hasn’t been officially launched worldwide, but the APK is available to download and install here at Uptodown with no geographical limitations of any kind.



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