An “unreleased” release on Android refers to a gamed that’s been soft-launched to see how well it does in a specific geographic area. Sort of like a public beta to let developers polish their product before its official international release. Ever more games are getting anchored in this stage, and can be downloaded and played legally with no geographical or functional restrictions. Here are 10 Android games that still haven’t been officially released at the international level but can be downloaded from Uptodown today.

android unreleased feat 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

The Sims Mobile

The EA/Maxis saga had its first release on mobile devices back in 2011. A lot’s happened since then, and this new title for Android offers a revamp at the graphic and interface level that has little to envy The Sims 4. It does all rest on the Freemium scaffolding, though, meaning you’ll need to manage and optimize your money and energy to do tasks as productively as possible every day. Exactly what you don’t do in real life. Check out our full review on the blog.

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Titanfall Assault

It’s hard to create strategy games that are genuinely fun and easy to handle. Titanfall Assault manages it, though, translating the essence of the popular multiplayer FPS saga with giant robots and soldiers doing parkour to the world of RTS. Its feeling draws on traditional MOBA and troop positioning and management like in Clash of Clans and company. Our blog review here.

titanfall assault featured 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

The Elder Scrolls Legends

The backstory in Bethesda’s RPG saga can be stretched as much as needed after so many games defining characters, monsters, and their relationship with the world. It’s easy to translate all that lore to the TCG genre. The go-to description is of a Hearthstone set in the continent of Cyrodiil, so anybody who’s flirted with Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim has an appealing hook to play a few rounds.

tes legends screenshot 1 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

Hustle Castle

Now here’s a good cocktail: take the gameplay from the awesome Fallout Shelter but change the post-apocalyptic look for life in a palace. Then season it with a bit of the aesthetic from Seth MacFarlane’s animated series. If you know what any of that means you can get quite a good idea of what you’ll find in Hustle Castle.

hustle castle screenshot 1 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

The latest installment of the Final Fantasy saga has been the perfect occasion to release this strategy and resource management game starring Noctis and company. The experience is based on constantly improving your buildings and units by collecting items in a spiral of construction and resource extraction based on the carrot-and-stick idea of old-school Travian-style browser games. Our blog review here.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Castaway Home Designer

If you’re going to copy, better copy the best. The Castaway saga from Stolen Couch Games is openly based on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing games. It includes Castaway Paradise as well as Castaway Home Designer, whose main appeal is decorating your home in a coherent style. The social interaction element of its predecessor is practically nonexistent, with the whole experience based on getting points by cleverly combining colors and putting pretty things in your rooms. Our blog review here.

castaway paradise screenshot 1 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

Angry Birds Islands

Such is the level of boredom at Rovio with Angry Birds that they decided a while ago to use external studios to create spinoffs of all stripes of that lucrative license. Angry Birds Islands is one of the latest to arrive – an odd strategy game that, despite being based on the brand, offers a fun experience where you have to explore territory with a convoy of pioneers who extract resources and defend themselves from the dangers that appear along the way. Our blog review here.

angry birds islands 1 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

Battle Breakers

When we talk about Epic Games we’re referring to things like Gears of War, or closer to home, the iconic Infinity Blade that practically defined a whole subgenre of mobile gaming. Battle Breakers is an interesting title that brings together puzzles with strategic combats where the position and type of attack of each unit (associated with a certain color) defines the winner of each battle. Our blog review here.

battle breakers screenshot 2 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow

If The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been a hit on mobile platforms, nothing indicates that Futurama won’t be as well. The TinyCo studio sounded out the territory in advance with a similar kind of strategy game with a Family Guy setting, and now it’s the turn of the workers from Planet Express in an entertaining RTS seasoned with small missions ending in turn-based pixellated battles. They know who all this is aimed at.

futurama worlds of tomorrow screenshot 10 "unreleased" Android games to download today


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