We’ve talked lots before about different tools that can create exact copies of an app to run alongside the original one, but with different login details. But today we’re going to take this a step further. Imagine you’ve installed an app you don’t trust a bit in terms of granting access permissions, when it could be useful to have a sort of sandbox that isolates all features and keeps some of them from interacting with the services on your device. And this is exactly what the useful free tool called Island does.

The way the Island works pivots between three main features – cloning apps, Parallel Space– and App Cloner-style; the capacity to sandbox with your apps to keep them from accessing your personal information, even if you’ve approved the permissions; and one last super interesting feature: an option to freeze the status of an app and resume using it in later sessions. Plus you can hide isolated apps to make them accessible only through Island.

island android screenshot Clone, isolate, and freeze your Android apps with the Island app

The possibilities with this setup are gigantic, though they’re likely to prove most interesting to people who love fiddling with apps. The fact that you can have two Clash Royale accounts active simultaneously is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine you’ve downloaded an app you don’t fully trust but that, for whatever reason, you want to keep and use. To protect your device you can clone the app, get rid of the original to block part of its access, and finally freeze it in a particular status so it doesn’t do anything else in the background and you can resume using it whenever you want.

The sole requirement to use Islands is that you’ve previously encrypted the device info. Still, the developers underline that this is a beta that’s still not 100% tested, so be careful using it if you don’t want to fall into a boot-loop or some other horrific nightmare for Android owners.


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