The multilogin is in ever-increasing demand and some popular apps have already implemented it, as in the recent case of Instagram, which finally lets you jump from one account to another from inside the official app. Still, though, there are loads of apps that don’t allow it. For those, Parallel Space is a super-interesting free app that lets you use two accounts simultaneously on one app.

The appeal of Parallel Space is that it creates a replica of your app installed completely independently, such that each can be associated with a different account and both run simultaneously without getting in each other’s way. You can even get notifications for each account separately.

The setup process is incredibly simple for an app with these features. Once the app is open you’ll get a list of everything installed on your device. We’re going to test it with the recent Clash Royale. To do so we’ll search and select it from the list, adding it to our list of Parallel Space apps.


From there you can create a shortcut to the app on your desktop, so you have two different icons for the original and your ‘replica.’ If you run the recently created Clash Royale+ (with a different frame), you’ll note straightaway that all is working properly: you won’t see your saved game but instead the tutorial, and it will ask for your Google account to associate with the game.


To uninstall the app you need to go back into the Parallel Spaces menu and drag the icon to the trash bin using the same procedure you’ve done to create the shortcut.


And that’s it. Although its usefulness is beyond any doubt, it’s in your hands to decide how you’re going to use it, as going back to the Clash Royale example, we doubt it’s cool to create a secondary account to use to pass resources to your ‘main’ one, and if SuperCell decides to penalize this sort of practice you might end up without an account. However, that’s little more than a remote possibility that would affect those who abuse this procedure, as the use of several accounts on one app from a single device is not illegal.


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