One of the most successful titles of recent months is Clash Royale, a proper engine of endless vice that’s constantly updating with the aim of fully optimizing the different troops you can deploy on the battlefield. One of the latest novelties has been wreaking havoc wherever it appeared in the game. We’re talking, obviously, about the executioner and his terrifying flying axe – a troop that’s been balanced in the latest patch.

Clash Royale verdugo

If you’re still at low levels it’s possible you haven’t seen this guy in action, but his destructive power has been terrifying all players from the eighth level onward thank to the horrendous damage done by his flying axe — and what’s worse, to both aerial and land troops. A total demolition that really did need an adjustment. And now it’s gotten one. His damage has been reduced by 6%, his reach has gone from 5 to 4.5, and the terrifying radius of his axe has been reduced by 10%. No more crying when you see him appear behind a giant. 

Besides the changes to the terrifying axe wielder, a few other changes have been applied to continue improving the game:

  • The venom has seen its damage per second increased by 24%, though it now lasts 8 instead of 10 seconds.
  • The witch’s damage has increased 6% (there’s a new star card in the lower divisions)
  • The P.E.K.K.A. has reduced her deployment time from 3 seconds to just 1.
  • The dark prince has increased his life points by 5%.
  • The much-loved baby dragon’s reach has increased from 3 to 3.5.
  • The skeletons add one more member to their team, making 4 in their group now instead of 3.
  • The skeleton army goes down to 15 instead of 16.

Will we see decks in the upper divisions using cards like the baby dragon or the witch? Will a battle deck be set up around P.E.K.K.A.? Will we still cry every time we see an executioner? We don’t know the answers to this question (though we suspect the answer to the third one is YES), but we’ll keep you up to date on how things develop with this terrifically addictive game.

Clash Royale verdugo

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