The developers at Clash Royale never fail us in our monthly date with the card balance – always a much-anticipated moment for us players as it usually brings important changes to the game. Lots of cards start disappearing from people’s decks when their forces wane, while the opposite happens with cards picked to get a power-up. On this occasion the days may be numbered for some of the most popular cards in gamers’ decks.

Clash Royale

For a while now we’ve been playing a metagame where certain cards get used in all possible decks. Any gamer gets a shiver when she sees the Elite Barbarians running to her tower or the moment someone lays down the gargantuan silhouette of the Noble Giant on the bridge. We suffer at the hands of these two cards too often and they end up making the game system a bit boring, what with so many decks looking all the same. Good thing it looks like this is going to change.

The list of changes is quite varied, though it stands out for the nerfing of cards left, right, and center:

  • The Noble Giant now takes 2 seconds to deploy instead of 1.
  • The Elite Barbarians have seen their life points reduced by 4% and their first attack starts 0.1 seconds more slowly.
  • The Furnace reduces its life points by 5%.
  • The Goblin Hut increased its life points by 5%.
  • The Electric Wizard’s attack speed increased to 1.8 seconds.
  • The Executioner’s damage increased by 6%.
  • The mortal damage of the Bombastic Balloon has slowed from 1 to 3 seconds.
  • The Skeleton Army loses a unit and now has 14 skeletons instead of 15.
  • The Lumberjack’s life points increase by 4%.

Clash Royale

With these new changes, the Executioner might return to glory while we might see more decks without Elite Barbarians, the Furnace, or the Noble Giant. It’s interesting that the Lumberjack is still the card that’s been most balanced and it doesn’t appear that this will be the last time that happens. These changes are set to arrive on April 19, so you’ve got some time to get your decks in order beforehand.

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