It was just a few days ago that Supercell, the studio that created the successful Clash of Clans, released a teaser of its next game. Although some thought it might be a direct sequel to its golden-egg goose, in fact what we have is a proper spinoff. Clash Royale is a tower defense set in the Clash of Clans universe and now, although its official launch is still limited to certain countries, its APK is available and can be played from anywhere.


The game offers a very familiar gameplay where you have to deploy units around the territory to destroy your rival’s three towers, in the process preventing the enemy army from destroying yours. As the seconds tick by and you defeat enemy troops you’ll get resources to recruit more members to your ranks and back again. To do a bit of synthesis: quick, direct, and very fun games against other human players.

The background of the game is that your troops are catalogued in collectible card mode and you can level them up to improve their features. As you open the chests you get as trophies when you win battles, you’ll improve your deck, with the completely optional possibility to pay real money for them instead in the online store. That said, at the moment the latter feature is only available in the countries where the game has been officially released: Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and New Zealand.


Version 1.1.1 of Clash Royale is available to download on Uptodown in APK format and can be played from any geographical region.



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