It’s been a while ago now that traditional Asian MMORPGs made the jump to Android, as seen with the releases of famous titles like MU Origin and Durango. Often it’s been PC sagas that have made the jump to smartphones, but if there’s one game we never thought we’d see on Android it’s World of Warcraft, given Blizzard’s focus in other directions. For people who’ve trudged their way from one end of Azeroth to the other and are nostalgic for that kind of aesthetic, Burning Blood offers a good way to sate their longing for procrastination and indiscriminate farming.

burning blood screenshot 1 Burning Blood: A mini World of Warcraft clone for Android

To start, the races, offices, and factions are not just lightly but seriously inspired by WoW. Once you create your account (just give an email address and password) and set up your character (for now without options to customize it) you’ll be released into a spiral of objectives, daily missions, and info windows that will make hardcore MMO fans feel right at home. Or, rather than hardcore, perhaps we should say “persuasive” about these things.

Like the games mentioned above, Burning Blood can be played with autopilot thanks to its auto-motion system and interface designed to complete missions, tap the screen a couple times, then go on to the next thing. An odd way to adapt the already mindless entertainment associated with these games. That said, the fact that there’s free PvP here could lead to some messy player killing in certain areas – but always within limits so you don’t suffer too much.

burning blood screenshot 3 Burning Blood: A mini World of Warcraft clone for Android

If you dig a bit further into the game you’ll come across all the tropes of this genre and quite a few direct references to WoW itself: clans, flying mounts, dungeons in teams, events for raids, crafting, trade, and some pretty heavy farming if you want to enjoy the game without having to pay for anything in the in-game store. And then there are the concessions to the game’s Freemium model: daily events and missions, rewards for playing several days in a row, and basically the standard stuff you’d expect from the genre and the business model on Android. You knew what you were in for.

burning blood screenshot 2 Burning Blood: A mini World of Warcraft clone for Android

Burning Blood could be taken for the umpteenth game trying to capitalize on the nostalgia of gamers who’ve invested countless hours in WoW. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first to attempt to do just that (who doesn’t remember Gameloft’s Order and Chaos?) no matter how much the MOBAs have tried to assume that mantle. For now the game isn’t officially available on Google Play, but you can get its APK here on Uptodown and play it with no geographical restrictions.

Burning Blood on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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