MU Online is an MMORPG developed by Webzen in Korea, and you’ll know it. It follows all the Asian regional industry standards for this game genre exactly. Even though at this point it might seem like the legacy of Lineage, Aion and other worldwide success is on a downward spiral, the truth is that these games are still being played by millions around the globe. With the dawn of smartphone technology, this game style has seen even greater growth and more popularity. Just take a look at titles like Forsaken World. Nevertheless, MU Origin, the Android adaptation of the aforementioned MMO is out now on limited release in some countries and ready to download on Uptodown in APK format now.

MU Origin Screenshot

Mu Origin

Their launch for smartphones caused major excitement in China where 120 million accounts were created only since going live. The completely 3D game developed in real time (questionable in many cases on Android) allows you to move around the MU continent while you beat quests and improve your characters tools and skills. Along with all the usual tasks involved with this genre.

MU Origin Metal Balrog

Thanks to how well integrated the game is with today’s smartphone technology you won’t need to give up anything in terms of gameplay or visuals. There is a slight lag on automatic tasks that is noticeable. On the other hand, it’s really not too much to say after playing for over an hour, I barely had to lift a finger. The self-pointing system and automatic sliding between quests makes the first few hours of playing more or less manage themselves. Obviously, this changes as the game develops and you beat levels, running into more evolved challenges as you go you’ll have to take on a greater role. Through this approach it’s easy to see why one of the greatest design advances in this type of game is putting non-stop, compulsive clicking in the back seat.

MU Origin Great Dragon

One thing for sure, is that this game is very appealing to people who need their daily dose of leveling, guilds, auction houses, and dungeons on the regular. It’s basically a spin-off of Diablo and other desktop MMORPGs. MU Origins is aiming towards making itself at home in the Western gaming market. For now, the English version of the game has been launched officially for Android in Canada and Ireland. From Uptodown you can already download the APK format with NO restrictions or limitations. You can play on the server of your choice, either in the US or Europe.

MU Origin Ice Queen

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