The BlazBlue saga is one of the few current examples of fighting games that have opted to keep their 2D graphics instead of making the shift to 3D standards. With a dozen installments and a handful of spin-offs, Arc System Works’ saga and its characters have now made the jump to smartphones, shaking up part of its philosophy to adapt to Android standards. This involves an extra layer added to the simple succession of fights to turn it into an RPG where you have to carry out missions and level up your characters.

BlazBlue RR Android

For practical purposes, the game system in BlazBlue RR (Revolution Reburning) centers on 1vs1 fights, but it’s adapted for touch controls to make it more accessible and avoid the awkwardness of a virtual crosspad. The arcade and console versions of BlazBlue are aimed at veteran gamers, making it almost impossible to translate the full depth of its controls to touchscreens (just try playingKing of Fighters title on your smartphone). Luckily things have been simplified to the point that all the moves can be made by swiping in various directions, with the only direct controls being two buttons to move left and right.

But the real appeal of the game lies in everything added after these fights, where you’ll come across lots of the sections you’d usually see in “repetitive” MMOs: you have to beat scenes in a Story-like mode, get objects and equipment to improve your stats, take part in limited-time events, join guilds, fight other users in the Arena (including over WiFi with someone nearby), and—as usual—check out the stuff to help you speed up your progress in the in-game store.

BlazBlue Revolution Reburning was recently released in Singapore and Malaysia and includes English as one of its languages—meaning you can download and install its APK from Uptodown to play it with no geographical limitations of any kind.



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