The top ten most underrated fighting games on Android

We've found some hidden gems in the Android catalog. Don't miss out on these underrated titles that deserve much more attention than they're getting.

If there’s any genre that’s maintained a consistent player base over many years, it’s fighting games. 1 vs 1 combat has always been a great way for players to have fun with their friends. Or, in the case of huge tournaments, a way for people to go crazy watching exciting matches. But regardless of where the match takes place, the only important thing is who comes out on top. Following this theme, we wanted to give some attention to games that aren’t so well known. These titles might not appear on any other lists, but they definitely deserve more attention than they’re getting. Today we bring you a list of the most underrated fighting games on Android.

Champion Fight

At first glance, Champion Fight doesn’t really grab your attention. It’s average. Being generic isn’t really a good way to stand out from the competition. But there’s something magical about it once you take the opportunity to give it a try. A fighting game on Android has to have simple controls, and this game certainly does in its fun 3 vs 3 battles. Changing characters and using their special attacks is vital to coming out victorious. [Download]

Iron Kill Robot Fighting

It isn’t common that fighting games have you play with the screen held vertically, but this is one of those games. This game features robot battles that are charming in their simplicity. You have to be adept at knowing when to attack in order to avoid being hit back instead. The cast of characters is quite large, and you can unlock more characters as you beat the game’s levels. Pay attention to each robot’s special attacks, because they’re key to making it out alive. [Download]

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Who can resist singing along to ‘Go Go Power Rangers!’? This official game from the legendary Super Sentai franchise is filled with exciting battles in which you control different characters from the series. Power Rangers Legacy Wars features spectacularly cool moves that are easy to pull off. That means a lot for a mobile title. As you all know, it’s morphin’ time! [Download]

Kung Fu Do Fighting

For long time readers, it should come as no surprise that we point out yet another game with pixelated graphics. But that’s not the only reason Kung Fu Do Fighting made the list, since it brings back the spirit of SNK games, at least in appearance. This fighting game has been around on Android for a while now, but it’s still one of our favorites. Its controls are simple, which makes it easy for any players to enjoy: one attack button, a combo system for special attacks, and a super that can be unleashed after filling the bar. What more could you need? [Download]


We’d be lying if we said that we had previously heard of Satria Garuda BIMA-X, a tokusatsu series that comes out of Indonesia. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a great time playing SATRIA HEROES. It’s an excellent game that features awesome battles between heroes and giant enemies from the television series. Without giving too much away, the game is much more complete than it seems. [Download]

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

People tend to undervalue the mobile platform as a home of great games. Many gamers tend to think that games can only truly be enjoyed on a big screen, meaning that they miss out on lots of high quality titles like TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. The game features all of the lore from the franchise in hugely fun battles. We’re not lying when we say that this is one of the best games based on the series that’s ever been released. On any medium. [Download]

Street Heroes

The Android ecosystem is a great place to find ‘homages’ to other games. Street Heroes smells an awful lot like Street Fighter 4, and not just because of the name. The character designs are quite similar to the Capcom franchise, but luckily it falls just short of plagiarism. Overlooking these elements, this is one of the most exciting titles on the list. With a variety of special attacks, stages, and characters on top of great graphics, you’ll be entertained to the last blow. [Download]

Gladiator Fight: 3D Battle Contest

A variety of characters from different places face off in this crazy amalgamation of punches and weapons that draws inspiration from Soul Calibur. Gladiator Fight 3D Battle Contest might have one of the most generic titles in the history of video games, but don’t let that fool you: it’s a great fighting game with near infinite possibilities. But be careful, it’s easy to lose track of time since it’s hugely addictive. [Download]

BlazBlue RR

The name BlazBlue should be sufficiently well known to keep this game off of any list of hidden gems. You might have heard of it before, but you have to admit that the franchise is more niche than mainstream. The level of difficulty might be intimidating for many players, but there’s something for everyone in this game developed specifically for mobile devices. The controls are perfectly adapted for mobile devices in that you just need to swipe on the right side of the screen to deliver spectacular blows. Don’t miss out on this great game. [Download]


After breaking out of LINE, Skullgirls has come to life in a new game on Android. This might just be one of the best fighting games available on Android, so you have to compare it to other famous fighting franchises. It has all of the elements needed to stand out: unique and colorful graphics, interesting character designs, and fantastic controls that have been well adapted to touch screens. We’re not sure what the game is lacking to prevent it from becoming more popular, but we’re going to keep talking about it until it does. [Download]



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