Platformers, shooters, RPGs, strategy… these are some of the genres that have been around since the dawn of the video game industry and that have continued to find their niche as technology has advanced.

When talking about strategy, veteran players will remember those mythical games on the ZX Spectrum with Laser Squad and how the genre evolved in the 90s with the revolutionary Dune II: Battle for Arrakis, Civilization, Master of Orion, and X-COM: Enemy Unknown. All of these PC classics left a clear impression on the design and gameplay of many current hit games.

Strategy games

With the advent of the Internet, marathon games against AI or, with luck, a second player, expanded into multiplayer rivalry, with a handful of titles that could be enjoyed directly from the browser. Who doesn’t remember OGame or Travian? How many hours of work were wasted in offices, always keeping an eye out for the boss to not get caught.

Strategy games on mobile devices

Thanks to the advancement of smartphones and tablets, the genre has made it past the limitations of desktop computers to take the battles beyond the home, office, or college dorm room. As a result, the genre has become even more democratized, offering strategy games for all tastes and audiences.

Screenshots of strategy games

From the comical simplicity of Plants Vs Zombies to the Clash of Clans phenomenon, and passing through totems of the genre such as Civilization VI or Age of Empires, strategy fans have a practically endless selection of titles for Android to manage troops, build civilizations and conquer and defend worlds. Here’s our selection of some of the best strategy games to enjoy on your device.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

One of the most successful titles in recent times has been Empire: Four Kingdoms, a Goodgame Studios production that combines strategy and management. It takes you to the heart of the Middle Ages to build a stronghold that will evolve into a secure fortress that you’ll have to defend with blood and fire.

This MMO has conquered the hearts and thumbs of millions of players around the world thanks to its ambitious design (you’ll be able to build more than 60 different buildings) and the possibility of fighting, forming alliances, and trading with a large community of players that continues to grow every single day.

In the cruel world of Empire: Four Kingdoms the most Machiavellian “rulers” will have a great time forming alliances with other players to attack other users’ fortresses, sharing the conquered loot, and even betraying their new allies. But be careful, because if you make too many enemies, you could end up being the target of the next conquest. [Download]

Screenshots of Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Rising Civilizations

Empire: Rising Civilizations, from OneGame, also transports you to the past in a real-time strategy game that draws from the classics of the genre to offer a tactical experience full of possibilities, in which the collection and management of resources is only the beginning…

It’s up to you to adapt to the game’s varied terrain, which includes forests, lakes, and deserts. Under your rule, what at first was little more than a village will end up becoming an empire with endless technological advances in the purest Age of Empires’ style.

Screenshots of Empire: Rising Civilizations

Through its technology tree, you’ll unlock new milestones as your kingdom evolves, which will be reflected both in your city and in the troops that protect it.

You’ll be able to form alliances with other players, and they’ll be informed when an invader dares to set foot on your lands. But be careful, because if you invade other kingdoms in search of resources, you’ll also put their allies on alert. [Download]

Screenshots of Empire: Rising Civilizations

Battle for the Galaxy

From stone walls and medieval battles, we take a leap into the future with Battle for the Galaxy, an online strategy game, produced by AMT Games. In this case, your mission is to build a military base on a distant planet while collecting resources to improve and expand the facilities.

The key to survival in this hostile environment lies in recruiting and managing a growing number of increasingly specialized troops to protect the resources of an ever-growing base, which will soon attract the attention of other rival players.

Screenshot of Battle for the Galaxy

In Battle for the Galaxy, diplomacy is a thing of the past. You’ll have to create and distribute all kinds of defensive weaponry along the perimeter and put scruples aside when it comes to commanding your troops to attack other players’ facilities and plunder their resources. [Download]

Screenshot of Battle for the Galaxy

All of these strategy games are completely free of charge —although they do have in-app purchases— and will guarantee you months and months of entertainment. The biggest problem will be finding the willpower to put down your Android phone, because who will protect your domain while you’re sleeping?

Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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