Currently there is such a large number of Android apps that you could say there is one for every kind of task or situation. If you take a look at the selection of apps on GooglePlay you’ll realize that the world of web development couldn’t be any bigger. With so many available apps, we’re left wondering: Which of them are actually useful? While the majority is geared towards the ordinary user by offering step by step guided website creation, you can also find some very useful apps within a more professional environment.

Android web cabecera Android Apps for Web DevelopmentWebmaster’s HTML Editor

Every web developer needs an HTML editor, and while you surely have more than one installed on your PC, an HTML editor on your smartphone can be convenient and useful in specific situations.

Webmaster’s HTML Editor supports HTML, CSS, PhP, and JavaScript files, including features such as differentiation in the syntax, a useful auto-complete feature for longer commands, repeat and undo features, as well as its own help function.


Having an FTP client in your pocket can be really useful for administering a server at anytime or anyplace in which you don’t have access to a PC.

AndFTP is an FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP client, allowing you to manage the different configuration settings you can find on the different server types. With this app you can open files, rename them, delete them, create folders, edit permissions, and even use customized commands.

Andftp capturas Android Apps for Web Development

View Web Source

While most of modern web browsers allows you to view the source code of any website, this is impossible with any of the available browsers for Android. With View Web Source you can do it without a problem. It allows you to select and copy parts of the source code. It also has a series of useful tools for viewing the code of websites you are visiting with your usual browser on your Android device.


With this app you can keep your HTML knowledge fresh, as if it were a quiz game. HTML Test is a very simple app that provides exactly what it promises: a way to test your HTML knowledge in a simple and intuitive method.

html test Android Apps for Web Development

With these apps you can save yourself from those situations when you wish you had your computer near you to solve a problem on your site, or simply if you need to update any type of content as soon as possible.


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