In our other post we told you that WhatsApp has grown to become the leading service in the instant messaging sector, as well as among some alternatives: specific platform services like BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage, and many other new projects like Yahoo Hub,  Forfone, and Live Profile, while crushing the ever more popular Facebook Messenger, which is perhaps its most serious competitor. In recent days there have been many other both new and already established but improved alternatives—services like ChatOn,
eBuddy, KakaoTalk, GroupMe, Nimbuzz, ChatPlus, Joyn, and TU me.

Alternativas Whatsapp Alternatives to WhatsApp

In essence, all of these are alternatives to classic SMS, and allow you to send messages for free. WhatsApp is the king of instant messaging, but has some drawbacks, like security issues that have been revealed and resolved in different updates, and the fact that the service is frequently interrupted due to connection failures or service overload. There are
plenty of reasons why to look outside the world of WhatsApp.

Chat ON
Chat ON is a fully equipped service with the same essential features as WhatApp:
free messages, voice and image file sharing, and even free calls. It is available in Spanish and is additionally compatible with iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Android.

KakaoTalk is another option with the same basic features as the majority of these services; but, it has a feature that sets it apart—it allows you to make calls using voice filters that are both funky and fun. In addition, it works sort of like a social network, as it allows you to import contacts through friend requests. Likewise, it protects your personal information by asking for your password each time you login.

GroupMe is a service that has almost all the same features as WhatsApp. Since 2011 it has been available in 90 different countries, but it hasn’t become so popular in Spain, despite its appealing feature that allows you to make calls directly from chat rooms. GroupMe protects users’ privacy by hiding their phone number, which is why not everyone that has you in their contacts will be able to add you on this application.

eBuddy is another instant messaging service alternative to WhatsApp, but unlike GroupMe, it has been very well received in Spain and in other countries because of how popular its online version is. Beyond being just an instant messaging app, eBuddy supports social networks so each user can access their Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or Facebook chat account.

eBuddy1 Alternatives to WhatsApp

This offers interesting advantages. For example, instead of downloading several apps on your smartphone (and reducing the amount of available space), only eBuddy gives you combined access to the different instant messaging services. Personally, this is the best option I have found and I recommend it.

Nimbuzz is an app that, like the popular app Viber, is known for offering an efficient free calling service, as well as the ability to send text messages and integrate different chat services like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger all on the same platform.

ChatPlus, in addition to having similar features to the service we mentioned earlier, offers the ability to send unique text messages, and integrates the Google Translate service when sending them.

Joyn is an app that is different from its competitors in that it allows you to make video calls from the chat feature. Service providers see lots of potential in this service, setting their eyes on Spain for services such as Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange.

Joyn1 Alternatives to WhatsApp

TU Me has the same basic features as the previously mentioned services, including GPS to share your location, text, voice, and picture messaging, and phone calls. It is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Finally, we have pointed out in previous posts the idea that with WhatsApp, traditional text messages’ days are numbered. With the amount of similar services that have identical features, we see now more than ever that time has come to an end for the ancient SMS service.



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