As Android Police tells it, the WhatsApp Business app has been unveiled and is now making the rounds on the Internet. This tool lets businesses manage their verified accounts and the info they provide to customers that communicate with them over WhatsApp. Though it’s still being tested and can only be accessed by special invitation, a lot of info has already been revealed about it.

Among the four features that WhatsApp is testing are options to create a special business profile through the app, migration of important chats for people who may have used a standard account to communicate with clients, a service to auto-reply to messages (already present on, for example, Facebook Messenger), and an internal analytics service.

The main appeal for people running business accounts is that they can have both the Business and standard WhatsApp clients open on the same device, and can opt to share the same phone number or use a different account for each of them.

For now the only people who can use validated accounts are recipients of an invitation associated with their phone number. The app can be installed via APK with no problems, but you can’t move past the registration page without the invitation.

WhatsApp Business on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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