A few weeks have now passed since the drama of the shutdown of WhatsApp Plus after WhatsApp denounced it as an illegal mod. What initially seemed like a temporary ban to serve as a warning to offending users has now turned into a witch-hunt involving loads of other unofficial apps like OGWhatsApp, WhatsAppMD, and WhatsApp Reborn, where users have begun encountering indefinite bans that lock them out of the official app. Thus their developers have decided to discontinue these projects.

OSMDroid, a popular mods developer, has released an official statement and removed all the content from both its website and its user community page after WhatsApp presented them with a cease and desist order, just like what happened with Plus. (And with Uptodown, as the main source of downloads for Plus!) WhatsApp Reborn has tried to give continuity to WhatsApp Plus after its shutdown, even offering successive versions with changes to help get around the ban, but in the end all the effort was in vain. The same thing has happened with the developers of OGWhatsApp, who completely abandoned their project, and WhatsAppMD, who’ve already closed down their Google+ page.

ogwhatsapp screenshot 1 WhatsApp bans all third-party mods

This doesn’t mean the apps no longer work. In fact, many users confirm they have kept using WhatsApp Plus without receiving even a single warning or temporary ban. Nevertheless, we here at Uptodown advise that you don’t tempt fate, especially considering such appealing alternatives as Telegram (which even has its own Plus version!), on top of the official WhatsApp client, which has begun to include long-awaited features like a web version and VoIP calls.


  1. The official WhatsApp needs more features its very boring that’s why persons are moving away from it and seeking something else
    The official WhatsApp needs revamping

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