Whether you’re a regular TikTok enthusiast or someone who shoots vacation videos like you’re using a camcorder from the 1970s: Vieka will leave you speechless. This Android app from Federation Networks Limited makes it possible to create impressive videos that are just as exciting as they are psychedelic, using photos and videos that you have stored on your phone.

The way Vieka works couldn’t be more straightforward. All you need to do is download the app to your Android device and give it permission to access your images and videos. Then, you can immediately start tinkering around with the generous catalog of editing and sound options, which can be found in the app’s own repository.

Vieka video editing menu

Create videos with Vieka in a matter of seconds

Choose between different editing options, select a certain number of photos or videos from your phone (five or more), run the app, and get ready to be left speechless when you see how your photos from that family picnic or your vacation to the Grand Canyon get turned into an amazing video in just a few seconds. It’s all put together with ultra-fast¬†automatic editing according to the music, capable of making even the most experienced TikToker go green with envy.

Of course, Vieka gives you the opportunity to delve much deeper into the video editing process, incorporating filters and text, adding music and all kinds of visual effects. However, if you’re looking for the final result to go beyond SD resolution (540p), to reach 720p or 1080p you’ll have to watch an ad or pay for the PRO version of the app.

Vieka video editing menu

After seeing the results Vieka offers and its potential (it not only allows you to save the videos on your phone, but also share them directly on social media, like TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook), you’ll be tempted to make the leap to the PRO mode. That said, its price isn’t exactly cheap: $4.99 per week or $5.99 for the first month (and then $9.99 after that).

An app to create spectacular videos for social media

It’s a considerable monthly fee, but if you’re looking for a tool capable of creating amazing videos in a way that’s both simple and intuitive, one that will help you make a huge splash on TikTok and the like, don’t be surprised if after playing around with the free version for a while, you end up taking the plunge and buying the Pro version.

Vieka export video options

You don’t need video editing skills or Tony Scott-like talent to make it with Vieka. All you need is enough courage to turn your mother-in-law into the next viral sensation.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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