Torrent links are a fantastic way to distribute software without having to use any type of server or cloud storage, as the data remains active on a client network, and the file you download can be assembled piece by piece, as if it were Frankenstein, from different sites, making the torrent network very fast and reliable.

torrent android cabecera The top five torrent clients for Android

Although these kinds of networks are known mostly for the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, this doesn’t change how incredible the concept is, and even less so when you consider that Google allows these torrent clients to exist within its operating system without regard to the controversy that surrounds this type of software.

The torrent download applications for Android have improved a lot lately, and have made it possible to use magnet links (links that directly find the content, instead of just the name or specific location), and many other options that were only possible with a desktop computer. Here we discuss five of the best BitTorrent clients for your phone or tablet that you can find.

tTorrent Pro

The full version costs $3.99, but there is also a tTorrent lite version, which is limited to 250 kB/s and is full of ads. The application tTorrent Pro supports magnet links, torrent searches with different search engines, and although it has some issues with downloading files directly to memory cards, it is a great option for devices with a lot of storage capacity.

tTorrent The top five torrent clients for Android

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aDownloader New

Much faster than its green predecessor aDownloader, this new version is supported on devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, and is optimized for use on tablets.

The interface is brilliant, and it downloads without any problems–so much so that you can read people’s comments in forums swearing that it works better than the ultimate client uTorrent.  It is worth a try, especially if you have an Android Tablet. And the best of all, it is completely free.

aDownloader new The top five torrent clients for Android

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With the help of the popularity of its desktop version, uTorrent for Android allows you to search for and download torrent files without any limitations, and it even has a subscribe feature. The interface isn’t the greatest, but you can’t ask more from a free beta version.

utorrent The top five torrent clients for Android

Download uTorrent Beta on Uptodown |

aTorrent Pro ($4.95)

This app supports search, magnet links, and also some torrent sites that others don’t support, giving you a greater available variety for downloading. The full version costs $4.95, but there is also a free version available.

atorrent The top five torrent clients for Android

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uTorrent Remote

The beauty of uTorrent Remote is that you can monitor the uTorrent client downloads on your desktop computer, as well as pause them, cancel them, start them again, search for new torrents, or even stream them on your Android device, something that comes in handy when your desktop computer is out of reach, even when you’re chillin’ on the couch in another room. It’s also free.

utorrent remote The top five torrent clients for Android

Download uTorrent Remote on Uptodown |



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