Reddit is one of the most important sites on the web, touching as it does on an endless number of themes with its countless subreddits. In fact it’s so popular that the people behind Reddit have opted to avoid sending their traffic to YouTube and other video sites by adding their own video player. Yep, Redditors will now be able to share their video media over both the browser version and the Android app.

reddit video featured Reddit to allow users to upload videos to its platform

According to a new post on the Reddit blog, this new feature to play videos natively will serve to keep the site growing as a medium and extend the policy made a year ago to allow images to be uploaded straight onto Reddit. That said, the uploaded videos can’t be longer than 15 minutes and the sole permitted formats for now are MP4 and MOV. Plus the Reddit app itself can be used to record an original video or crop videos to upload just the clips you want to include.

Pup makes most important decision of his life. from aww

This new service is currently in beta phase and still needs a bit more time to consolidate definitively. For now, the moderators of each subreddit are the ones who decide whether to allow video uploads to their threads. One of the features that’s been added thanks to this new function is that the video stays static on the screen even as you browse around the page, and you can view it without disturbing any of your standard interactions on Reddit: reading comments, typing something, or continuing to scroll. All while the video is accessible at all times.

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It’ll probably be hard to get this new feature to catch on amongst Redditors, especially considering how easy it is to use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other media sources. The great mass of Tumblr has carried on using Imgur despite the existence of the possibility of using Reddit itself as an image uploads service, so we’ll have to wait a bit to see if this new feature becomes a success or falls by the wayside.

Reddit for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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