Without question, Prisma is one of the most relevant apps released in 2016. Thanks to its originality and the quality of the filters provided one thing is clear; this app was built with design and artistic aesthetics in mind. Until now, it was a completely free service with over 20 different filters included by default, but with the newest addition of 15 filters along with its own filter marketplace to purchase even more, this app has grown considerably. Best of all (for now) these 15 new filters are totally free. 

prisma update screenshot 1 Prisma just added on 15 new filters and its own marketplace

Accessing this section is easy enough, just take a picture from within the app (just like you’ve been doing up until now) the only change here is that you’ll see a new icon with a whole roll of filters. A quick tap on any of them takes you to Prisma’s new marketplace. From there you’ll see a list of available filters as well as “New Releases” where you download and add new filters for free. What’s left unsure is whether or not the future of this app includes more free filters, or if you’ll end up having to pay for them at a later point. In any case, what really matters is that they’re free–for now.

New filters will likely come as no surprise to Prisma fans who towards the end of 2016, received the release of a sort of Instagram-styled events timeline allowing them to interact and follow other users’ posts within the popular app. 

prisma update screenshot 2 Prisma just added on 15 new filters and its own marketplace

In order to gain access to Prisma’s newest filters, you have to update to its latest Android release (v2.4.0.138) which is available on Uptodown via the app’s original APK package. [Download here]


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