One of the defining apps of 2016 is Prisma. This artsy picture editor has won many people over thanks to its ease of use as well as the surprising results it yields. Making any pic resemble a Van Gogh, Lichtenstein, or Mondrian painting is as simple as tapping your screen. But the app doesn’t stop there: in the latest update it’s become a proper social network – a space to share your pics edited with Prisma.

Prisma Red SocialA look at the new features on Prisma inevitably leads you right to its stiffest competition. Prisma has taken Instagram as its point of reference in terms of how it does things. No longer is it just that the interface is very similar: the new additions are almost identical. It’s got a feed of pics from the people you follow, the most popular posts, and the option to ‘Like’ other people’s stuff by tapping the screen twice.

The process for adding pictures to Prisma is quite simple: just select the new blue triangle icon that appears after editing your pic. You can also add a caption to your posts. Plus you can still share your pics on Instagram or Facebook or save them right to your device.

Prisma Red Social

The new social network features are still a bit green and it’s much too soon to be able to give a review of them. But there are couple problems that blotch the experience: you can’t create private profiles and you have to give the app permission to use your location to use it. The latter is likely to put a lot of people off trying it out at all. We’ll be waiting to see how this evolves.

Prisma for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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